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Argus Solar and Construction begins your path to reducing electricity cost with a detailed analysis of your facility, its annual energy usage, and the current price of electricity. Our comprehensive report outlines the following:

Size of solar system that can be installed and at your facility

Amount of energy it will produce

Net savings in electricity cost expected every month for 25 years or more

Overall return on investment

Argus Solar
Argus Solar

By taking advantage of generous tax benefits, plus local and federal rebates currently in place, American businesses and nonprofit organizations are implementing solar systems in more ways than one. Once you have decided to move forward, Argus Solar and Construction will execute every detail to give you a fully commissioned solar system in a timely manner. Our in-house engineering and equipment procurement services cut extra cost and deliver you the most efficient system at the lowest possible cost.

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About Argus Solar and Construction

Argus Solar and Construction is one of the fastest-growing solar companies. We specialize in the design, engineering, and value-added distribution of commercial and residential solar energy systems. Found in 2008, the company’s initial business model focused on driving maximum energy and efficiency out of solar power systems. Constructed from off-the-shelf components in applying its unique solar engineering principles Argus Solar and Construction began selling such value-added engineering solutions to its customers.

By 2009 we expand our services becoming a full-scale distributor of selected brands of solar panels, inverters, and mounting systems to accommodate regular sales of solar equipment to a growing portfolio of customers.

The same year, Argus Solar and Construction became a full-service provider of turn-key solar power systems, making it a one-stop shop for clients interested in reducing their electricity expenses and sourcing that electricity from a renewable resource.

Today, the company provides its turn-key and value-added distribution services to a diversified group of customers that includes residential and commercial solar contractors, private businesses, municipalities, and US military.

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